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26 September 2019

Help with problem gambling

If you need immediate help with problem gambling including if you want to be barred, or are already barred from a gaming venue and need further information please visit Help with problem gambling.


The state government has been undertaking a broad review of South Australia’s gambling laws and regulations, aiming to simplify and modernise the state’s regulatory framework, while ensuring the community is protected from the impacts of gambling-related harm.

A suite of amendments have now been introduced to Parliament. Some of the proposed changes include

  • creating a new Gambling Administration Act to consolidate existing gambling laws and regulations
  • allowing banknote acceptors to be fitted to gaming machines under strict regulations.
  • allowing gaming venues to operate on Christmas Day and Good Friday
  • allowing for the creation of indefinite barring orders,
  • requiring unclaimed winnings on gaming machines and money won by barred patrons to be forfeited to the Gamblers Rehabilitation Fund
  • creating a new Lotteries Act to simplify and modernise the regulation of lotteries and trade promotions
  • allowing clubs with gaming machine licences to amalgamate or transfer machine entitlements between other clubs
  • replacing the current Social Effect Inquiry Process with a new Community Impact and Public Interest test better aligned with liquor licensing requirements
  • introducing a fixed maximum number of gaming machines, simplifying the rules for trading gaming machine entitlements

Current reform Bills

These amendments are currently before the South Australian Parliament. Updated information will be available at the conclusion of the legislative process.


On December 1 2018, Consumer and Business Services (CBS) assumed responsibility for all gambling regulatory and policy functions in South Australia – including those previously overseen by the Independent Gambling Authority.

The move was part of a broad package of reforms aimed at simplifying and modernising the regulation of gambling activity in South Australia. These reforms arose from recommendations in the review by the Hon Tim Anderson QC.

You can read the review on parliament.sa.gov.au by searching 'Tabled Papers and Petitions'.

Search instructions - In the 'Search Text' field, include the full name of the report - Gambling Regulation in South Australia, Administrative Review of - Report 9 December 2016.

Further information

To keep up to date with industry news or changes, sign up to the CBS news subscription service CBS Connect. All gaming machine licence holders are also strongly encouraged to sign up for gaming e-notification updates.

For any queries relating to gambling regulation, enforcement or barring orders, please contact CBS on 131-882 or gamblingadministration [at] sa.gov.au

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